How Yoga Helped Grow My Business

When I'm not in the yoga studio I can be found in my jewelry studio, running my jewelry company emiko-o reware. Even though been in business since 1998, it wasn't until a few years ago that it really began to grow - and this coincided directly with my decision to delve deeper into my yoga life and dedicate myself to doing the transformational work that comes hand in hand with Forrest Yoga practice, training and teaching. 

This spring I was invited to be a presenter for a the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), a national, non-profit arts organization of which I've been a long-standing member. Specifically to give a talk on the topic of Finding Your Voice for the annual conference SNAGnext Asheville 2016: "An Interchange & Exchange on the many facets of Making a Living in the Field". My talk titled, "Are We Having Fun Yet: Using Your Authentic Voice To Ignite Your Business". I was honored to be able to share with my community what I've learned to take my biz to the next level and help both the newbies to business & the jewelry/craft world and the mid-career/seasoned artists. 

In preparing my talk I realized that so much of what I wanted to say tied directly to the mindfulness and intent-driven practices I've been absorbing in my engagement with Forrest Yoga. My talk is centered around these 3 Keys: Connecting to Authentic Voice, Play, and Set Up Support. Any of these you will hear touched on in at some point in ant Forrest Yoga class you take and they are so relevant to a creative business! 

After giving my presentation, throughout the entire weekend, so many of the conference attendees made a point to connect with me and express their gratitude for my talk and the information, with even one artist suggesting I apply to do TED talks! I love public speaking and with everyone's encouragement I was convinced that this presentation needed to be accessible for posterity, hence I've recorded it as a YouTube video which you can watch above.

My brain's a whirlin' for what should be my next talk, which is also very yoga-inspired: "Embrace Your Sparkle Self: Being An Enticing Public Speaker". Are you intrigued?!