Day 7 Pose of 10-Day Warrior Heart Collective Online: TWISTING LUNGE

What can transform a yoga pose into your favorite, go-to pose is the magic of a Forrest Yoga assist from a teacher/assistant while you're in the pose and having an AHA moment. Such was the case for me in TWISTING LUNGE. I didn't realize how much my body could luxuriate in this pose, not powering into the twist or laser-focusing on opening shoulders, but rather feeling opening in my upper chest/sternum and low ribs. The assistant was behind my back and coached me to lean back into her to roll my chest more open to the sky; that stable contact of her to the back of my heart was the secret sauce that I think of every time I do the pose or give the assist to a student. How you can feel relaxed and supported/held while encouraging opening.


Using the strength of the bottom "hooked" arm against the thigh, I lengthen bottom ear away from shoulder and "grow" my spine with each inhale (esp those lower ribs facing the floor), and unfurling my upper chest towards the sun with each exhale. I love doing this pose in the morning - sometimes my chest is so tight that this pose "cracks" it open, ahhhhhh.

Click image for video of Twisting Lunge

Click image for video of Twisting Lunge