Day 1 Pose of Warrior Heart Collective

Day 1 Pose of the Day for 10-Day Warrior Heart Collective Online:

I find that when I wake up in the morning I crave this pose to get the sleep kinks out of my upper back. Also when I need a break from my jewelry bench work (i.e. hunching over LEGO bricks with my drill), this is my GO TO pose. 2 minutes and I'm good, my posture is reset. Anyone who has an arm and a wall can do this pose (you don't need to be a yogi), another reason to love it!

I have limited empty wall space in my condo, so I like this mod of finding a wall edge to hold onto as I get more into my lunge and really hold on to the wall edge I can feel more release in the pec on that side of chest.

Lately I've been starting my FY All Levels 6pm classes with this pose after wrist stretches and before we sit down to set intent - not only does it feel great for the midback, sternum and neck after spending the day hunched over desks or workbenches, it forces you to ground right away and calm down the zingy energy that may be bouncing around in you (or from around you) at the end of the day.

If this pose sounds juicy to you and you want to TRY IT FOR YOURSELF, watch this video tutorial by the amazing Lisa Day: