Lunge Backbend

Days 8 & 9 Poses: LUNGE BACKBEND & CAMEL

Day 8 & 9 Poses of 10-Day Warrior Heart Collective Online: LUNGE BACKBEND & CAMEL

I'm pairing these two day poses together not only so I can catch up for the finale on Valentine's Day in a few minutes, but also because I really liked how these poses felt back-to-back.

I've always been protective of my knees - I did them no good service in high school with years of careless cheerleading moves landing on my knees for half-time routines. Thankfully both Forrest Yoga and my restorative practices welcome yoga propage with open arms - and soft knees.



Doing this pose without any padding under the back knee is just ludicrous. Padding is mandatory if you like having functioning knees. Bare minimum is folding your mat over on that side or using a folded blanket under the knee. As you've figured out by now, I prefer to get cozy and stay awhile in my poses without strain in order to go deeper, hence more supports.

In addition to a folded blanket under the back knee, I wedge a rolled up yoga mat at the bottom of the thigh and the floor - takes pressure off of the knee. AND I place a yoga block the tallest height (or another rolled up yoga mat vertically) on the floor under the front leg to the front of the sitbone (not directly under the sitbone). Depending on how low you go in your lunge will determine which/how many props will be the correct height for that front leg.

Now that my knees and pelvis are supported, I can reach back and hold on to my ankle, foot flexed and reaching back, keeping shoulders and neck relaxed. Lift the mid-back and press through the front foot.



Feels very juicy right after that deep quad stretch of Lunge BB. A veteran Bikram-er from a lifetime ago, my body does love a deep backbend (camel was always the apex pose). It took a bit of de-programming my muscle memory to NOT squeeze my butt and thrust my thighs forward in camel. This is where using the WALL as a support (along with folded blanket under my knees & shins) is a perfect assist to keep the thighs at 90 degrees and use my shins to anchor. Starting with my entire front body on the wall I can focus on lifting mid-ribs from low ribs on the inhale and back bending on exhale, bit by bit.

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