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Day 4 Pose: BRIDGE

Day 4 Pose of 10-Day Warrior Heart Collective Online: BRIDGE
(i.e. How to Love Your Sacrum and Not Be a Tight Ass)

Back in the day (pre-Forrest Yoga times), Bridge pose used to be about shoving my hips as high as possible and getting as much of a back bend as I could get. Not great for the sacrum, and certainly accentuated my tight-assedness attitude towards my practice.

NOW, deep in my Forrest Yoga and Restorative practices, I've fallen in love with how my body FEELS when I practice and I can allow myself to channel EASE and SURRENDER even while my thighs are heating up in Bridge.

Two of my Go-To props and variations for Bridge are:

1. Resting my Sacrum under 2 stacked, low height blocks positioned lengthwise. I witnessed my yogi pal Abbie Doss Dutterer using the blocks this way in class and my body reacted with an "of course! that makes sense" feeling. The blocks positioned this way assure your body that you are stable to the floor (not weeble-wobbly), thus encouraging your body that it's safe to open and release further. Plus it provides a wider shelf for the sacrum bone to rest completely. For me, it's almost like a restorative pose, giving me pause to BREATHE into my sacrum and allow it to relax. I'll use this setup for Hip-Opener and One Leg Up and Half Virasana variations.



2. Undo Tight-Ass by using the Rolled Mat between thighs at the groin. I used to squeeze my butt way tight to lift hips higher (some yoga styles use that as a cue in class, eww), which shuts off your sacrum. By squeezing the rolled mat between my thighs, it reminds me to use my inner leg muscles to power the pose, not my ass.



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